Superior Tips – for any application, any pipette
Superior Tips – for any application, any pipette  

Thermo Scientific ART barrier tips offer a complete selection of tips to fit virtually any pipette or application in any laboratory.

What can ART barrier tips do that traditional filter tips can't?

Only ART self-sealing barrier tips seal completely to block the passage of aerosols, liquids, radioactive isotopes, and biological materials, preventing contamination of the pipette and cross contamination of subsequent samples in an experiment.

Special offer: Buy a Pack of reload inserts and receive a pack of hinged rack tips for half price.



Traditional filter tips cannot stop the flow of contaminants like the ART barrier. ART provides complete protection.


ART barrier tips are available in low-retention tips that deliver the maximum sample volume for the best results.

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  Item Code
Reload Insert
Volume Item Code
Hinged Rack
Pack Size
  MBP2139-05-RI 10 µL MBP2139-05-HR 96 tips x 10 racks
  MBP2140-05-RI 10 µL,  Extended length MBP2140-05-HR 96 tips x 10 Racks
  MBP2149P-05-RI 10 µL, micropoint MBP2149P-05-HR 96 tips x 10 Racks
  MBP2065E-05-RI 100 µL, micropoint MBP2065E-05-HR 96 tips x 10 Racks
  MBP2069-05-RI 200 µL MBP2069-05-HR 96 tips x 10 Racks
  MBP2179-05-RI 1000 µL MBP2179-05-HR 96 tips x 8 Racks





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