Buffers and BioReagents for Life Science Research

Buffers and BioReagents for Life Science Research Obtaining optimal results in your research requires careful selection of reagents. With Fisher Bioreagents , you can meet the needs of every budget and scale in your lab. Guaranteed Dnase-, Rnase- and protease-free, suitable for Life Science applications including:

  • Cell and tissue culture
  • Electrophoresis of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Isolation and purification of biomolecules

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  Item Code Description Pack Size Promo Price
  FSBBP1761-500 Tris Buffer 0.3M 500 mL $55.00
  FSBBP1306-1 Tris-Glycine 10X 1 L $87.20
  FSBBP2476-500 Tris-EDTA 1X (pH 7.4) 500 mL $47.30
  FSBBP2483-500 EDTA, 0.5M (pH 8.0), DEPC 500 mL $71.00
  FSBBP166-500 SDS, Powder 500 g $125.00
  FSBBP308-500 MOPS Buffer, Powder 500 g $155.00
  FSBBP299-500 HEPES, 1.0M (pH 7.3) 500 mL $155.00
  FSBBP2944-1 PBS tablets, 0.01M in 200 mL water (pH 7.4) 100 pcs $202.90
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