Fisher Scientific™ HPLC & LC/MS Chemical Essentials

Essential reagents available to meet your application requirements in all areas.

  • Meets all ACS specifications
  • Manufactured specifically for use with HPLC and LC/MS instruments
  • Submicron filtered

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  Item Code Description Size Promo Price
  FSBA456-4 Methanol OPTIMA LC/MS Grade EcoSafPak 4L EA $ 98.00
  FSBA955-4 Acetonitrile OPTIMA LC/MS Grade 4L EcoSafPak EA $ 119.00
  FSBW6-4 Water OPTIMA LC/MS Grade 4L EA $ 65.00
  FSBA117-50 Formic Acid OPTIMA for LC/MS Grade 50mL EA $ 68.00
  FSBH350-4 Heptane HPLC Grade 4L EA $ 175.00
  FSBH306-4 n-Hexane 95% OPTIMA Grade 4L EA $ 130.00
  FSBO296-4 Isooctane HPLC Grade 4L EA $ 150.00
  FSBA461-4 2-Propanol OPTIMA LC-MS 4L EA $ 85.00
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*Offer valid 1st May 2017 to 31st July 2017 to customers in New Zealand only. Discount is off list price only, no further discounts apply. All prices are ex GST.

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