Gel and western blot imager deals exposed

OFFER 1: 25% off Uvitec Alliance Q9 Mini - make it your own today.

Based on plug-and-play technology, the Alliance Q9 Mini is an exclusive one-of-a-kind imaging platform, tailored to your applications and requirements.
  • Configure your Alliance Q9 Mini by choosing the modules you need according to your application set
  • Upgrade at any time: transilluminators, filters, Chromapure fluorescence...
  • Tailored epi-fluorescence: choose the wavelength(s) you need from UV, Green, Blue, Red/NIR, IR and deep-IR or build your own Chromapure modules

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Uvitec Alliance Q9 Mini

Item Code Description Price
UVI1541-6600-1 ALLIANCE Q9 MINI Chemidoc Imaging Platform, includes
• Q-smart© darkroom, Box© concept, Biopanel, 6+1 motorised wheel
• HD9 camera: 9.2 megapixels, -60°C regulated/3-stage, 4.8 0D
• Lens: manual, panoramic, F/0.90, 20x18cm FOV
• Software: license-free Alliance-Q9, analysis included
NB: Computer required but not included in package

OFFER 2: Upgrade to Voice-Controlled DNA and Protein Imaging

With hundreds of units installed worldwide, Uvitec’s all-in-one Uvidoc HD6 gel documentation system is getting upgraded with a larger display, greater resolution, a live-3D visualization mode and…a brand new voice control option.
Upgrade to Voice Control Free of Charge for a limited time only

All Uvidoc HD6 units include:

  • Stand-alone, on-board computer HD 12.2” screen
  • 16-bit camera, 65,535 gray levels, 3-mpx native
  • Stainless steel, Epoxy paint, fully-automated
  • 3-position filter wheel, F-590 filter included
  • Uvidoc-1D + Uvitec-1D license-free software

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Uvitec Uvidoc HD6

Item Code Description Price
UVI1641-2102-1 UVIDOC HD6 20M. UV table 20x20cm, 312nm (M) + epi-white LED with Free Voice Control $12,850
UVI1641-2103-1 UVIDOC HD6 26MX. Uvipure table 21x26cm, 312nm (MX) + epi-white LED with Free Voice Control $13,350
UVI1641-2101-1 UVIDOC HD6 26M. UV table 21x26cm, 312nm (M) + epi-white LED with Free Voice Control $13,300
UVI1641-2104-1 UVIDOC HD6 26LM. UV table 21x26cm, 312+365nm (LM) + epi-white LED with Free Voice Control $14,500
UVI1641-2107-1 UVIDOC HD6 20-BLUE. Blue table 20x20cm, 470nm + epi-white LED with Free Voice Control $14,900

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