Shakers, Hotplates and Stirrers

Shakers and stirrers for all applications, including demanding environments, fast and slow speeds, large volumes, high viscosity and submerged stirring. Products offering the safety features you need and the performance you expect, designed with the exceptional innovation, reliability and accuracy that make the optimal choice for a busy lab.


Thermo Scientific Shakers & Vortex Mixers

Shakers for various types of motion including vortexing, orbital, reciprocating, rocking and even three-dimensional rotation. Offering multiple benefits for your laboratory, assuring effectiveness, efficiency and productivity ...More

Thermo Scientific Hotplates and Stirrers

Thermo Scientific Cimarec®, Super-Nuova™ and RT™ Series deliver results with an extensive selection of hot plates, stirrers and stirring hot plates. An impressive combination of superior performance, advanced safety and operational simplicity makes it easy to find the perfect instrument for your laboratory requirements ...More

IKA Vortex Mixers

Compact, universal small shaker suitable for shaking tasks with all small vessels and Microtitre plates ...Download brochure

IKA Over Head Stirrers

IKA offers the ideal overhead stirrer for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab - for lower to high viscosities. IKA overhead stirrers effortlessly process stirring quantities of up to 200 liters. IKA lab stirrers and overhead stirrers stand out due to their indispensable features, including an electronic safety circuit, a digital display, two speed ranges, and a controlling option via the lab software Labworldsoft. A broad spectrum of stirring paddles are the key to successful mixing
...Download RW 20 Digital brochure
...Download RW 47 D brochure
...Download EUROSTAR Digital brochure
...Download EUROSTAR Power Control-Visc P1 brochure

VELP Scientifica Stirring Line

Velp Scientifica’s stirrers are manufactured using advanced techniques that comply with international standards. High torque, microprocessor control, electronic safety circuitry, and slow start speed allow highly viscous liquids to be stirred in complete safety. Few models equipped with Digital display. Velp’s stirrer include an innovative, hand-tight chuck with safety closure. Stirrers are available with 35 W, 60 W and 120 W motors. DLS, LH, and DLH models offer an automatic speed compensation for changing solution viscosity thus increasing the motor durability. Includes overhead stirrers, heating and standard magnetic stirrers and vortex mixers ...Download brochure

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