Microscope Slides & Specialty Glass

Microscope slides, coverglass, microarray, diagnostic printed slides and custom specialty glass featuring unique coatings, shapes and capabilities for a host of laboratory applications. Scientists trust the brand with the slides and specialty glass for substrates and accessories that are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.


General-Purpose Coverslips™

Thermo Scientific™ General-Purpose Coverslips are made from the highest quality glass...more

Gold Seal™ Cover Glasses

Thermo Scientific™ Gold Seal Cover Glasses are premium noncorrosive borosilicate glass...more

Hemacytometer Cover Glasses

Thermo Scientific™ Hemacytometer Cover Glasses are for use with red blood cell and platelet counting chambers...more

Nunc™ Microscope Slides

Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Culture products offer solutions for cell growth and analysis, and have been used by researchers worldwide since 1953. With a wide range of surface areas and treatments, we have products for all your basic or advanced cell...more

Richard-Allan Scientific™ Cover Glass

Thermo Scientific™ Richard-Allan Scientific Cover Glasses are a full line of pre-cleaned cover glass in assorted sizes and thicknesses...more

Signature Series Cover Glass

Thermo Scientific™ Signature Series Cover Glass is ideal for automatic coverslippers...more



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