PCR & QPCR Consumables

PCR & QPCR Plastic Consumables

Plates, tubes, strips, sealing options and storage plates for PCR and related applications.


Thermo Scientific PCR Tubes, Strip Tubes & Plates

Our Thermo Scientific PCR and qPCR plastic consumables are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure optimal PCR performance. We have a wide range of tube and plate formats available to fit most thermal cyclers along with a range of white plastics which have been optimized for qPCR.

White Plastics – Optimized for qPCR

As with any fluorescence-based assay, qPCR requires specialized plastics to achieve optimal results. Thermo Scientific white qPCR plastics are designed to enable sensitive and accurate fluorescence detection.

Individual Tubes and Strip Tubes
24- and 48-Well Plates
96-Well Plates
384-Well Plates

Choose the right plate for your thermal cycler

Storage Plates

Streamline your molecular biology applications with Thermo Scientific storage and assay plates. All plates are ANSI-format for compatibility with automated systems and to further assist in storage and tracking, all plates can be supplied with custom barcoding ...Storage plate selection guide

Sealing Options

We offer a wide range of robust sealing options to suit any application. All our sealing products are designed to provide the ultimate in sample protection while also being easy to use ...Choose the right seal for your application


PCR & qPCR Plastics Guide

Download the Thermo Scientific PCR Plastics Selection Guide


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